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Why Program Management?
Organizations typically have processes and infrastructure that support project management and to supplement that the market offers plethora of project management professionals to execute projects. But when it comes to execution it is the project inter dependencies and hand-offs that lead projects to schedule or cost overrun and not the project management practices or principals.

It is not uncommon in the industry to miss project dependencies and kick-off projects simultaneously, which otherwise should have been sequenced for execution. This situation may arise because there may be large number of divisions or departments to consult prior to execution or lack of subject matter expertise on time.  

Even if these considerations are made it may be beyond subject matter experts capabilities or capacity to draw bigger picture that could articulates the project interdependencies, and execution sequencing.  

In addition benefits management, which is a key consideration for executives, is not in the purview of project management but is in the purview of Program Management.  

Business requires an execution arm with strategic focus as oppose to narrow tactical focus. Program Management offers strategic focus as oppose to tactical focus offered by Project Management.  

What is Program Management?  
Program Management is an approach of achieving benefits of investment in alignment with strategy. Program Management involves aligning multiple projects to achieve the program goals and allows for optimized or integrated cost, schedule and effort. Program focuses on project inter dependencies and helps to determine the optimal approach for managing them.

If you are responsible for project management, program management, portfolio management or product development, in complex and dynamic environments, we can help your teams deliver better results such as - Business benefit delivery while maintaining strategic alignment Improved productivity by leveraging synergies across projects in the program Improved customer satisfaction via transparency, increased teamwork and collaboration Reduced risk via interdependency management.

Who should be interested in Program Management?
Executives and Officers, Planning leadership and groups, Execution leadership and Management, Project Managers, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers, Reporting Professionals, Technical Leads, Infrastructure Professionals and Test Leads.  

Value Delivered
   · Portfolio Evaluation and Program Identification
   · Program Planning and Benefits Management Plan
   · Project Inter-dependencies identification and execution sequencing
   · Portfolio and Program Governance
   · Metrics identification and set-up  

How can I learn more about Program Management? 
Pritish Nawlakhe has been helping Program Management implementations through consulting and training.